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Ajax Javascript Development Framework  v.1.0

it's is a easy DHTML & ajax javascript development framework, and better at Dhtml development.

JavaScript Validation Framework  v.1.0

JSV is a JavaScript Validation Framework. Unlike a simple JavaScript validation script, JSV helps in setting up a validation framework for JavaScript validations from a simple project to complex systems. The primary objective of this JavaScript ...

Javascript Window Framework "Je"  v.

This project is a framework of a windows-like system on browser based on JavaScript. The purpose of the project is to emulate a simple windows system on browser. In other words, this project is trying to emulate a C/S client on a B/S

OpenXUP - an XUP-based UI framework  v.20070501

XUP (Extensible User Interface Protocol) is a SOAP-based protocol for delivering events and incremental UI updates. This project builds a web application development framework on top of XUP, consisting of a client, a server toolkit, and a template

PAGES UI-framework  v.1.0

PAGES is a framework for a rapid creation of Java-Swing based UIs. The appearance of the UI and its logical structure are specified in an XML-file.

Swing UI Framework  v.1.0

SwingBack is a framework + Runtime library to enable developer generate UI from POJO, pure java based, Internationalized, Extremely light weighted and highly efficient.....

JVL Javascript UI Library  v.1.0

This library is a collection of javascript files that help in implimenting a AJAX web application. Currently the library includes four UI controls, two helper classes and a HTTPRequest object wrapper.

Badkaaui : Java UI Framework  v.1.0

A experimental java framework which makes ui(both gui, cli ) for functions directly if an @Draw annotation is written over the function. With badkaaui having long function and class names actually makes a lot more sense as they directly appear in ui.

Silverlight UI Framework  v.alpha4

This project provides a framework upon which a Silverlight user interface can be created. It provides control navigation, pop-up windows, data-bound controls, and some basic user controls. The framework is XAML-driven and coded in C#.

JavaScript UI  v.1.0

The JavaScript User Interface Library lets you build cross-browser interfaces for web applications with object-orientated JavaScript. No HTML. No CSS. Check out for more details and features.

The JSOS Platform  v.1.0

The JSOS Platform is a JavaScript UI framework for building rich-client web applications.

Baseui  v.1.0

A Javascript UI framework with a focus on implementing missing functionality in browsers according to the W3C specifications instead of providing endless 'wrapper' functions.

Sabia JavaScript Framework  v.1.0

Sabia is a javascript MVC framework designed to be toolkit agnostic and productive.

Jibe Framework  v.1.0

Jibe is a complete UI framework based on the javascript ExtJS library. It is tight to the Alfresco configuration and each UI component is configured on the server side and thus is easily

UltraText UI Library  v.0.1.0

This library is an MFC-like UI framework for development of interactive terminal applications with a TurboVision

Javascript ToolKit  v.1.0

JTK is a cross-browser javascript/DOM framework used to build rich web-based client interfaces with basic controls ( dialog, button, imageButton, ...), complex controls ( htmlEditor, colorChooser, grid, ...) and RPC components.

VinUI Framework  v.1.0.0

The VinUI Framework is a J2EE based UI framework that produces a "flicker-free" UI on the browser. It provides easy-to-use Java API to create UI elements and capabilities like data binding, layout management, navigation handling etc.,

Easy RIA Framework  v.1.0

Easy RIA Framework - PHP, Javascript, Mysql, framework

JS Swing  v.0.1.1

An HTML UI framework in javascript language, providing a javascript API which is very similar as Java Swing API and using parts of Java Swing painting

JspWidgets  v.1.0.19032007

jspWidgets is UI framework which allows you to build WEB based (window system) business applications using JSP, JSTL, HTML and Javascript. This framework is alternative for JSF. Contains MVC, converters, security interfaces, debugger,

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